Teens and Invisalign


Teens and Invisalign


Between sports, dating and extra curricular activities that keep many teens busy throughout the summer, the thought of adding braces into the mix is an overwhelming idea for parents and kids alike. When school’s out, the stress of adjustments, appointments and taking care of the hardware tend to stop parents from committing their kids to getting a better smile.

The truth is, summer is the perfect time to get started! Here in our office, we are so excited about an option that is perfect for busy teens - Invisalign Teen!

Invisalign teen has all the same benefits of Invisalign treatment - the clear plastic aligners come in several sets that gradually adjust teeth. The retainers are clear, leaving no trace of metal hardware or brackets to get used to. In fact, most people won’t even notice the aligners while you’re wearing them, although don’t be surprised if you get lots of questions on your newly straightened smile.

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Daily Treatment with Invisalign Teen

While going through treatment, one benefit of Invisalign Teen is the ability to remove the aligners before eating. This means no restrictions that come along with traditional metal brackets - and no holding back when you’re eating with friends. Traditional metal braces can restrict fun foods like movie popcorn, gum and hard candy.

Although you can take out the aligners to eat, drink and brush, it’s important to wear the trays for a minimum of 22 hours, in order to create consistent movement. Failure to wear the aligners each day may result in shifting teeth and unplanned tooth placement.

Your Invisalign provider carefully maps out each set of aligners using technology from Invisalign. This ‘road map’ is your journey to a straight smile.

Want to hear from a teen on how Invisalign has impacted their life and confidence? Watch the video about Emily below:

Why Invisalign Teen?

Downtime? Not here. When you are a patient of ours with Invisalign Teen, you’re encouraged to live your life to the fullest! Whether you’re into sports, playing a musical instrument or just on the go, Invisalign Teen fits into your lifestyle perfectly. You don’t have to worry about cutting your lip with metal brackets, or trouble playing your flute - the aligners are minimally invasive and are quick to adjust to!

Hudson Orthodontics and Invisalign Teen

We can’t wait to show you how Invisalign Teen can work for you. Think you’re ready to make the move to a straighter smile? We offer free consultations and can help you decide which treatment plan fits into your busy lifestyle. Fill out our form to request an appointment or call our office and tell them you're interested in Invisalign Teen!

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