Nine Things to Know Before, During and After Getting Braces


Nine Things to Know Before, During and After Getting Braces

Are you getting braces soon? Maybe Dr. Hudson has diagnosed your bite and has already recommended braces for you. Or maybe you find yourself self-conscious of your current smile and know that straighter teeth would give you the smile that you want.

Even though you may already be convinced about the benefits of orthodontics and know that braces are in your future, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any misgivings about it. The good news is it’s easy to educate yourself about braces. Here are some things to know about your life before, during, and after braces.

Before Braces

  1. Your life won’t change that muchYou may think it will be a major event when you get braces, that people may look at you funny or treat you differently. But observe other people when you’re out and about. You’ll notice that there are lots of people, from teenagers to adults, who have braces. They’re very common and not that big a deal.

  2. Braces won’t really hurt – It’s true that your teeth will likely feel sore when you first get braces on your teeth and after your periodic visits. But the soreness typically only lasts a couple of days and can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medicine. This is because at Hudson Orthodontics we use several modern advances in orthodontics including light forces, smaller brackets, and in many cases Invisalign! After your mouth gets used to braces, you likely won’t feel any pain.

  3. You’ll look great once your treatment is done (and during :)– For reassurance against any misgivings you have about braces, just keep in mind how great you’ll look. And if you choose Invisalign or clear braces to correct your smile you will be amazed with how good you look during treatment!  Treatment may last one to two years. Your smile will last a lifetime!

During Braces

  1. You’ll have to alter your diet a little – Crunchy foods and foods that strain the jaw can weaken the orthodontic glue and cause brackets to pop off. Chewy, sticky foods can get caught in brackets and cause tooth decay. We will give you a list of foods to avoid. But there are often work-arounds. For example, instead of biting into a whole apple, just cut it up first.

  2. Cleaning your teeth will take longer – You probably already have good brushing habits, but with braces you’ll have to up your game somewhat. You should be diligent about cleaning your teeth and know that it will take a little bit more effort. Don’t worry. We’ll give you some great tools, tips, and tricks.

  3. You should protect your mouth – If you’re an athlete or even just play sports casually, you should protect your braces with a mouth guard. Dr. Hudson and our team can help you get sized for one that fits you perfectly.

After Braces

  1. Don’t immediately binge on the foods you missed – Your teeth will be a bit sensitive. Give them a chance to adjust.

  2. You'll need to wear a retainer – During orthodontic treatment, your teeth have made a journey from one spot to another. They’ll need to get settled into their new homes while the supporting structure of your mouth solidifies. Your retainer will prevent your teeth from shifting.

  3. Schedule a cleaning – You should keep up with biannual dental cleanings while you’re in braces, but once they’re off, you’ll be exposing parts of your teeth that won’t have been cleaned in a while. Get your teeth professionally cleaned, but wait at least a month before any whitening treatments.

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