Dr. Hudson to Give Free Braces to Deserving Student in Fairfax County


Dr. Hudson to Give Free Braces to Deserving Student in Fairfax County

Dr. Hudson seeks the community’s help in identifying deserving students in Fairfax County for the life-altering award of FREE BRACES!

Our orthodontic practices in Springfield, Fairfax and Centreville recently launched a new community service program called ‘Give Back Smile Back.’ Using a spin on the famous quote: “Smile and the world will smile back,” Hudson Orthodontics believes the name perfectly illustrates our mission of spreading smiles throughout our community.

The first ‘Give Back Smile Back’ initiative is a free braces giveaway to a deserving local student in Fairfax County.

“We want to help a deserving student who could benefit from orthodontic treatment, regardless of their financial status, and help them achieve greater confidence with their smile,” says Dr. Hudson.

The community is encouraged to nominate local students who could benefit from receiving orthodontic treatment and who demonstrate a commitment to giving back to their community.

Have someone in mind for the ‘Give Back Smile Back’ free orthodontic treatment program? Here’s how to submit your nomination:

The contest ends November 30th. Follow our Facebook page to see updates, find out who the winner is and stay updated on the next ‘Give Back Smile Back’ initiative!

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