Achieve a Straight Smile at Any Age


Achieve a Straight Smile at Any Age

Believe it or not, adults are a large and growing part of our orthodontic practice. Adults are taking advantage of the opportunity to improve the look of their smile with recent advances such as Invisalign and clear braces that make orthodontic treatment more comfortable and affordable. In addition we have found many adults are very aware of the health benefits that straight teeth provide for their gums and jaws. An improved bite relationship can prevent or reduce symptoms of jaw or tooth pain in many cases. It is clear that well aligned teeth are easier to clean and reduce gum problems, bone loss, and even tooth loss by providing a healthy foundation for the teeth. Whether you choose braces or Invisalign to improve your smile, you will get the same healthy bite and results at Hudson Orthodontics. 

For adults considering orthodontic treatment, we know it can be a little scary. You may wonder how braces may affect your personal and professional life.

At Hudson Orthodontics, we have great news for you. Orthodontics is NOT what it used to be. By embracing the latest in technology we are able to offer better results, faster, with less discomfort!

  • Aesthetics – Orthodontic technology has far surpassed the bulky metal braces of the past. The new braces today are smaller and less noticeable. We even have clear braces options, lingual braces (braces behind the teeth) and Invisalign, so you can straighten your smile without a significant change in lifestyle and appearance.
  • Faster – Improvements in orthodontic technology not only changes the appearance of braces and the variety of options available; it also means treatment is more precise and efficient, making treatment times shorter than ever.
  • Comfortable – Braces in the old days were not only bulky but pretty painful as well. Dr. Hudson wants only the best for his patients so he uses digital scanning and treatment planning technology. Using this technology combined with Invisalign or our modern bracket technology we use lower forces resulting in a much more comfortable experience.

So if you’re thinking about the many benefits of achieving a straight smile, don’t wait any longer. Request a FREE consultation today.

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